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Cold Soul Volume 1

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Frollen Music Library bring you the first edition of Cold Soul, an exploration into the darker and more cinematic side of Soul music. Inspired by the exciting sounds of modern Soul, FML focuses on Hip-Hop influenced drum breaks, gritty soulful guitar chanks and sentimental piano lines to bring you these 15 atmospheric Soul compositions. Cold Soul spans a variety of mooeds, melodies and arrangements on an eclectic mix of instruments including the Hammond Organ, 60s Harmony guitars, Vintage P-Bass, Vintage Kangaroo-Hide drums, Glockenspiel, Pright Piano, all recorded through top-of-th-line Neve-style preamps with vintage microphones. Performed and recorded on real instruments and mixed down to 1/4" tape, these compositions are ready to be sampled into your next production. Drumless mixes and solo drum tracks included!

PACK CONTENTES: 15 x Compositions with Drumless Versions + 15 x Drum Breaks / 15 x Compositions with Stems


About Frollen Music Library: 

Favouring live, ensemble recording and analogue production techniques, Frollen Music Library is a sample library and production house that creates high-quality sample packs ready for the modern producer to easily employ. With a creative process that is organic and grounded in an immense appreciation for music of the 60s and 70s - the bedrock of Hip Hop sampling. Created by close friends and long-time collaborators as a way to make more of the music that they love, FML is a one-stop shop for sample-based productions and compositions for film and television. Frollen Music Library is Darvid Thor, Henry Jenkins and Hudson Whitlock, members of Melbourne’s thriving soul music community that make up Karate Boogaloo, Surprise Chef and The Pro-Teens.

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