Saï T

The Crates Collection (Bundle)

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Save 50% on all Saï T Crates Sample Packs by buying the Saï T Crates Collection Bundle! This specially priced collection features the following packs in their entirety:

- The Soulful Stems: 11 x Lofi inspired compositions featuring Electric guitar, Upright Piano, Electric Bass, Rhodes, Jup-8, Minimoog, various Organs, Synth Bass and String.

- Diskette Drum Breaks Volume 1: 50 x punchy ROYALTY FREE drum breaks played, recorded & mixed by Saï T.

- Diskette Drum Breaks Volume 2: 62 x ROYALTY FREE drum breaks re-recorded through the Akai MPC 2000 & SP404sx along with some tube emulation and tape plugins to deliver a supremely warm/heavy sound! 

PACK CONTENTS: 11 x Compositions & 112 Drum Breaks / 11 x Compositions with Stems & 112 Drum Breaks

About Saï T:

Saï T is a french producer/musician based in Rennes, France. Averaging up to 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Saï T has established himself as a notable name in the independent producer community. In recent years he’s collaborated with Lo-fi / Chill Hop labels including Chill Beats Music, Hip Dozer and Inner Ocean Records (collectively clocking in over a million monthly Spotify listeners)

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