The Donkey Jawbone

Sci Fi Soul

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For their Sci-Fi Soul sample pack, TDJB drew inspiration from their love of sci-fi movie soundtracks, fusing this with a little old school groove and using a fantastic array of their trusted studio tools - Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Philicorda, Farfisa & Hammond Organs, Moog, Arp & Korg synths, Violin bass, Japanese ‘lawsuit' guitars, Zithers and a whole bunch of unusual percussion!

PACK CONTENTS: 12 x Compositions / 12 x Compositions with Stems

About The Donkey Jawbone:

Production duo The Donkey Jawbone are Paul Elliott & Anthony Donje. Having relocated from the hustle and bustle of London and Brighton, the pair have surrounded themselves with vintage recording equipment and instruments in the Suffolk countryside where they create both commercial music and soundtracks for film and TV. Like a well oiled machine, this prolific pair of multi-instrumentalists bounce 70s tinged percussion, vintage synth, guitar and drum recordings to each other daily despite their studios being a stones throw from each other. Instead they thrive on intrigue and the surprise of working independently on the same project - creating soundscapes you wouldn't achieve in a traditional way. Inspired by vintage library music, 70s funk, Krautrock and retro B movies, The Donkey Jawbone's sound is the perfect blend of old and new.

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