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Drama Diorama

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Drama Diorama delivers 10 tracks of ambient soul, cinematic soundtrack and darkly-orchestral landscapes which will lay the foundation and set the mood for various styles of production. Using real instruments (1950s Fender P-Bass, 1965 Harmony Rocket, Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster, Fender Rhodes and various vintage organs and synths) through vintage effects and processing (Roland Space Echoplex Tape Echo and Ampex tape machines), these tracks layer and intertwine melodies and atmospheric sounds to create a dense soundscape of hooks, still leaving plenty of room to accommodate vocals / topline, drums and additional production.

PACK CONTENTS: 10 x Compositions (With Bass / Without Bass Versions included - 20 Files in total) / 10 x Compositions with Stems

About Globeflower Music:

Glenn Fallows is a musician, writer, arranger and producer who has been responsible for releasing antique and authentic productions in various genres for two decades. He recently released two volumes of his ‘The Globeflower Masters’ series on the UK’s seminal Mr Bongo label, and has released original music in the genres of Soul, Afrobeat, Latin, Funk and Balearic for labels including Warner Chappell, Mocambo, Legere Recordings, Breakin Bread, Matasuna and Freestyle Records. Globeflower Music was established in 2019 as an umbrella brand for Glenn’s various library music writing and production projects.

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