Louis Fontaine

Themes and Grooves

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"Themes and Grooves" is inspired by the classic sounds of 1970s Library music and Soundtracks. A mix of musical themes and grooves played on organ, synths, piano, electric guitar, bass and drums. Instruments used in the recording of this pack also include Banjo, Mellotron, Solina String machine, ARP Odissey synthesiser, Chroma Polaris synthesiser, and assorted percussion instruments, alongside a handful of carefully chosen virtual instruments. Composed, arranged and performed in its entirety by Louis Fontaine - a mightily impressive one man session!

PACK CONTENTS: 10 x Compositions / 10 x Compositions with Stems

About Louis Fontaine: 

Louis Fontaine is a composer and musician hailing from Milan, Italy. Passionate about film music, library music and cinema, Fontaine is also a talented self-taught multi-instrumentalist. He has mastered drums, guitar, bass and piano, drawing inspiration from the works of his favourite musicians and composers, and has recently ventured into the exploration of analogue synthesizers, inspired by the electronic universe of François de Roubaix.

Recording and producing his own music from the Milan countryside since 2008, Fontaine moved to Paris in 2013 and it was in the French capital that he recreated his home studio and produced his first two albums: "L'obsession" and "Ritmi Moderni", inspired by the soundtracks and library music of the 60s and 70s, a period he considers to be the golden age of this musical genre.

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