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Versions is The NUVU Collective's debut sample collection, composed and produced by UK producer K.Dafoe. This pack contains 10 carefully crafted original samples inspired by the sounds of 60s/70s era Soul Music, created using a diverse mix of analog and digital instruments. Compositions are presented with or without drums where relevant, or alternatively in Stem format.

PACK CONTENTS: 10 x Compositions (including 'without Drums' Versions - 13 Files in Total) / 10 x Compositions with Stems

About The NUVU Collective:

The NUVU Collective is a collective of musicians founded in the UK, creating original compositions that draw inspiration from the sounds of 60s/70s Soul, Gospel, R&B, Jazz and much more. Standing for ‘Never Underestimate Voices Unheard’, the collective’s goal is to pay homage to the old school with a modern twist and give a platform for talented and unknown musicians/producers from around the world.

About K.Dafoe:

K.Dafoe is UK based producer/multi-instrumentalist and founder of The NUVU Collective. Since a young age he has been creating and performing. Starting his musical career as a drummer before picking up other instruments, his style is influenced by 90s era Hop-Hop, Soul, Prog Rock and Jazz. He has worked with artists including CRIMEAPPLE, C-Lance + Merkules, Kool G Rap, King Magnetic and The Soloist.

Find K.Dafoe on: Instagram

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