Timmy Holiday


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The Dimensions sample pack is a contemporary take on classic Soul music. Created using a wide variety of analog equipment and instruments including a variety of Fender guitars, bass and amps, recorded to tape, this pack features airy vocals, swirling electric piano layers, chill acoustic guitar patterns and tape tracked basslines, ready to be sampled, chopped and skewed to any producer’s tastes.

Equipment used in the making of this pack includes: Fostex 280 4 track tape machine, Crumar Roady keyboard, Prophet rev2, Fender Blues junior amp, Marcus Miller Fender, Jazz bass, Fender Telecaster guitar, James & Co. acoustic guitar, Crane & Sons vintage upright piano, Tom 1501 synth, AKG 414 mics, Roland Microcube amp, Cooper FX arcade pedal, Wurlitzer funmaker organ.

PACK CONTENTS: 12 x Compositions / 12 x Compositions with Stems

About Timmy Holiday:

Timmy Holiday is a musician and producer based out of Dublin, Ireland. Primarily focused on melody and sample making, his work has already captured the attention of some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and can be heard on projects by artists including Logic, Los Rakes & D-Smoke, Octavian, DJ Scheme & Joey Bada$$.

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