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Air I is a new collection of 12 original sample arrangements drawing inspiration from the sounds of 70s progressive innovators including Tangerine Dream, Space, Man, and Wee; and 70s music library legends such as KPM mainstays Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield and Brian Bennett. A mix of electric pianos, electric guitars, analog synthesizers, tape echos, and analog effects merge to create vintage, progressive sounds sought after by today's legendary producers.

Air I is the first release in a new series called Alchemy, themed around the ancient elemental properties of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth through sound. The ‘Air’ element is defined by airy synth pads, breathy guitars, glossy fender rhodes, soulful basslines, echoing tape delays, spacey reverbs, pulsing tremelos, and breezy phasers & chorus effects.

Recording was 100% analog using live instruments: Rhodes, Clav, Mellotron, ES-335 & Strat guitars, P-Bass and analog synths: Moog/modular, Poly analog synths and processed via analog outboard gear: Roland RE-301 Space Echo, Memory Man Deluxe, Echoplex, AP-7 Jet Phaser, Fender Tweed 55 amp, Fender 65 / Tremolo, MXR Phaser, Lexicon 224 reverb, and various analog guitar pedals. All mastered to 1/4” tape! 

PACK CONTENTS: 12 x Compositions / 12 x Compositions with Stems

About Modulation Music Library:

Ernesto ‘soysoyernesto’ Green is an American composer, arranger, and music producer based in Los Angeles. He is also the music curator for Modulation Music Library - a sample library focused on creating authentic samples based on 1960s-1980s Soul, R&B, and vintage, progressive records. He has worked with and produced for artists such as Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7, Marissa Barbalato, and George Clinton in addition to producing music for TV shows including The Voice and Bad Girls Club. 

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